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Katrinka Kalarchik, the photographer behind IA West Studios and KatrinkaKay.com, is a Central Washington based photographer who specializes in lifestyle, marketing, and outdoor photography. Her love of the west and horses is evident in many of my galleries featuring ranches, events, and the people.

Katrinka has worked on assignment across the western states for small to mid-size companies building their brands. Her images have been published online, in print, as well as framed as fine art. 

Katrinka is available for freelance or commissioned projects anywhere as she loves to travel. Additionally, you may purchase from her stock library of existing imagery if budget contraints or timeframes are short.

If you would like to learn more about Katrinka, her business, and photographic style please visit her website at KatrinkaKay.com.

To contact Katrinka Kay please email her at photos@katrinkakay.com.


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